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The Curated-Content Plant-Based Podcast 

10 Minutes a Day

5 Days a Week

Short on time but interested in plant-based living?


I read you the best plant-based content on a variety of topics

with author permission. 

Healthy, compassionate, sustainable living.


10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 

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Short on Time But Curious

About Plant-Based Living?

This podcast is for you!

Interest in plant-based foods,

 cruelty-free products

and sustainable living is skyrocketing.

The plant-based revolution has only just begun!

Stay up to speed here.


Learn about plant-based, compassionate, eco-friendly topics in 10 minutes or less every weekday.

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Already Plant-Based or Vegan and Want to Learn More?

This podcast is for you!

Most people go plant-based or vegan for one of 3 reasons; either for health, the environment or animals. And now there's a 4th: infectious diseases.


This podcast allows you to keep up to speed on the other facets as well - without a huge time commitment! 

10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

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The Curated-Content Podcast

for Plant-Based Living

I curate the best plant-based content I can find,

get author permission, and share it with you here.

I read posts on plant-based health & nutrition, the environment & sustainable living, animal welfare and liberation,

and plant-based food, travel and lifestyle. 

All things plant-based in 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 

Who I Am and Why I Created the Plant-Based Briefing Podcast

I'm Marian Erikson, a North Carolina-based vegan VoiceOver artist. My husband, daughters and I went plant-based in the summer of 2019, and upon further education, we went vegan shortly thereafter.


I created the Plant-Based Briefing podcast because I want to increase awareness and share information about plant-based and vegan lifestyles.  My goal is to make it easier for people to continue learning about plant-based, compassionate and sustainable living. 

There's so much great plant-based content online! There are countless blogs, posts and articles on a variety of topics like plant-based health & nutrition, animal welfare and liberation, animal agriculture and the environment, eco-friendly, sustainable living, and plant-based food, travel and lifestyle. I love to learn about all these topics!

The beauty of having this information curated and presented in a podcast format is two-fold:

1. I do the research and curating for you. (There's so much information that it can almost be overwhelming!)

2. You can listen while you're doing other things - when you're commuting, out for a run, walking the dog, or getting things done around your home. You can be educating or entertaining yourself at the same time! That's the beauty of podcasts, and why I love them so much!

The Plant-Based Briefing is modeled after Justin Malik's Optimal Living podcasts (which I love!). I reached out to Justin and he gave me some great advice to help me launch this podcast.


I'm not an expert on these topics. But I do love to research and learn about the importance of plant-based living for our health, the environment, animals, and human rights. And as a voiceover artist with a home recording studio it was a natural fit for me to curate and share this information with you in audio format.

Thanks for being here! You can read about my plant-based journey here


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