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The Curated-Content Plant Based Podcast 

Short, daily episodes.

A variety of plant based topics.

Short on time but interested in plant based living?


I read you the best plant based content from experts, on a variety of topics, with author permission. 

Healthy, compassionate, sustainable living.


In about 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 

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About the Podcast

Short on Time

But Curious About

Plant Based Living?

This podcast is for you!

Interest in plant based foods,

 cultivated meat, cruelty-free products

and sustainable living is skyrocketing.

The plant-based revolution has only just begun!

Stay up to speed here.


Learn about plant based, compassionate, eco-friendly topics in about 10 minutes or less every weekday.

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Already Plant Based or Vegan and Want to Learn More?

This podcast is for you!

Most people go plant based or vegan for one of 3 reasons; either for health, the environment or animals. And now there's a 4th: infectious diseases.


This podcast allows you to keep up to speed on all the facets - without a huge time commitment! 

Short, daily episodes. A variety of plant based topics.

Clean Energy

The Curated-Content Podcast

for Plant Based, Eco-Friendly Living

I curate the best plant based content I can find,

get author permission, and share it with you here.

I read posts on plant based health & nutrition, the environment & sustainable living, animal welfare and liberation,

and plant based food, travel and lifestyle. 

All things plant-based in about 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 

About Me

Who I Am and Why I Created the Plant Based Briefing Podcast

I'm Marian Erikson, a Canadian-born and North Carolina-based VoiceOver artist. My husband, daughters and I went plant based in the summer of 2019 for health benefits, and upon further education, we went vegan shortly thereafter.


I created the Plant Based Briefing podcast because I want to increase awareness and share information about plant

based and vegan lifestyles. My goal is to make it easier for people to continue learning about plant based, vegan, compassionate and sustainable living. There's so much great plant based content online! There are countless blogs, posts and articles on a variety of topics like plant based health & nutrition, animal welfare and liberation, animal agriculture and the environment, eco-friendly, sustainable living, and plant-based food, travel and lifestyle. I love to learn about all these topics!

The beauty of having this information curated and presented in a podcast format is two-fold:

1. I do the research and curating for you. (There's so much information that it can almost be overwhelming!)


2. You can listen while you're doing other things - when you're commuting, out for a run, walking the dog, or getting things done around your home. You can be educating or entertaining yourself at the same time! That's the beauty of podcasts, and why I love them so much!

The Plant Based Briefing is modeled after Justin Malik's Optimal Living podcasts (which I love!). I reached out to Justin and he gave me some great advice to help me launch this podcast.


I'm not an expert on these topics. But I do love to research and learn about the importance of plant based and vegan living for our health, the environment, animals, and human rights. And as a voiceover artist with a home recording studio it was a natural fit for me to curate and share this information with you in audio format.

Thanks for being here! You can read about my plant-based journey here.


Image by Ben Hershey

Plant Based Tennis Balls

As an avid tennis player, I was shocked and dismayed to learn that tennis balls are covered with wool felt.

What's wrong with wool? Cruelty to sheep, climate change, water pollution, and eradication of wildlife, to name a few things. Find out more at Sheeps.Tennis.

Consumers are looking for more plant based products, and the plant based market is expected to grow 450% by 2030! You can find all kinds of products marketed as plant based, from detergent to toys to cosmetics to toothbrushes! 

The Wilson sporting goods company says they're the #1 equipment brand across more sports than any other brand. That puts them in a position to do better. 


Please urge Wilson to take strides to protect the planet and save animals, starting with the easy switch wool-free tennis balls. 

It takes just a few seconds. Please click below to request wool-free tennis balls.


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Check Out This Podcast!

It's one of my favorites and I hope you love it too.